Cleaning Fiberglass Bathtubs

There are many different types of bathtubs that are used. One of the more delicate types are the fiberglass tubs. These are very durable – but only if you take the proper measures to care for them and clean them twice or even three times a week. Just because they appear to be nicer then most tubs does not mean that they are difficult to clean.

In reality they are very easy – but you have to take certain precautions to not discolor them. Using the wrong products can do this so it is important to know what is good to use and what you should stay away from.

Part of the maintenance that is used on fiberglass tubs is the type of water that you have. Those who have water that hold large amounts of iron will have to work harder to avoid rust stains. The good thing is these stains can be gotten rid of with many of the popular cleaning products. Just make sure that you are using the right products that are safe for it.

If you are going to use anything too scrub the tub down then you will need to make sure to use lots of water with it. Otherwise it will scratch it. It is best to use a small amount of paste on the darker stains and let it sit for a minute or two before you remove it.

However, it is better to use a simple sponge to clean the tub. These are soft and have no chance of scratching any part of your tub. If you do not like using sponges you can even use a cloth. Even non-abrasive scrubbing pads will help to remove the mildew build up without leaving scratch marks.

Some of the stronger liquid cleaning products are considered to be too much for these tubs. Instead it would be better to use some of the more gentle products that are safer to handle. One of the best things that people love to use is Oxy clean and the Mr. Clean magic eraser.