Cleaning Porcelain Bathtubs

Porcelain bathtubs are some of the best that we are able to use in our home. But if they are not well maintained than they will start to have mildew and mold growing on it. This is able to make us sick and to create stains on the bathtubs that can be nearly impossible to remove. But there is a way to remove all of the water stains, lime scale, and mold. Instead of spending hours trying to refinish it or use products that do not even work try a process that is sure to work.

  • You will first need to lay down rolls of paper towels along the inside of the bathtub. To cover it all you may need to have them overlapping.
  • Slowly pour bleach onto the bottom of the tub and on top of the paper towels. You do not need to dilute the bleach at all. Allow the bleach to spread through the paper towels around it and wait for it to stop. During this part of the process you need to have a window open for ventilation.
  • On the areas that are dry you will repeat the process of pouring it on and allowing it to spread. Make sure all of the paper towels are wet.
  • You can now step outside and close the bathroom door. Wait for an hour and allow the bleach to strip the stains from the porcelain. Make sure that you do not wait for more then three house or the paint will start to come off.
  • Put on rubber gloves and remove the paper towels. As you do you will begin to see how nice and clean the bathtub looks. Use a cup and rinse off the entire porcelain bathtub to remove any excess bleach.

Because you are using large amounts of bleach – which contains large amounts of chemicals – you need to make sure that you are in a well ventilated area. Open any windows that are in the room and never close the bathroom door with you or anyone else inside.