Cleaning Rust From A Bathtub

Mildew is not the only thing that we have to worry about growing in our bathtubs. Along with soap scum and natural dirt and grime we have to learn how to remove rust from the tub. It is bad to have rust all over the tub because it can stain onto it. Not only can this pose a problem to your health – but it can spread to other parts.

As with mildew the longer that it stays on and you do nothing to clean it off the harder it will be. Wait too long and it will stay there and never come out. The best thing you can do to remove rust from the bathtub is to use a simple paste made using borax and lemon juice.

Another great thing that you can use is a dry solution used in spot removers. Pour them all over the rust stains and leave them on for a few minutes. After this time you will want to scrub them off and rinse off with warm water.

One method that not many people think to use is toilet bowl cleaner. Make sure that your tub is completely dry. Once it is pour the cleaner over the entire area. Make sure to wear rubber gloves and to not let it touch any part of your skin or it will irritate it. Make sure to wash yourself if it does.

As soon as the cleaner touches the rust you will notice it fading away. If it turns yellow do not be alarmed because this is normal. Use the toilet bowl brush (preferably a new one) and scrub the stains away. If needed pour more cleaner onto it. Rinse off with warm water.

For a more drastic approach you will need to put on rubber gloves. Apply muriatic or acetic acid onto the rust stains. Do not use too much because these are very strong and can damage the enamel on the bathtub. After you have washed it down rinse it off thoroughly with warm water.

After you have found the method of cleaning that works best for you and your tub make sure that you keep up on the cleaning. You don’t want to have to do an extensive amount of cleaning each time that you need to clean it.