Cleaning Whirlpool Bathtubs

In many home the bathrooms and the bathtubs all look the same. They are made with the same materials, have the same white color, and in most cases are able to be cleaned in the same way. However, there are some homes that like to switch things up and use some of the more unique and luxurious whirlpool bathtubs.

These types of tubs are great to have because they are able to give you a water massage while you are trying to soak and relax in warm bath water and bubbles. It is like using a Jacuzzi – but for half of the price and you can have the thing all to yourself. To make sure that this is able to be used all throughout the year you need to learn how to clean it effectively.

It does not always take long for the jets in the whirlpool bathtubs to gather in some pretty nasty things like dirt, skin cells, and who knows what else. When this happens it becomes a feeding ground for bugs and mold – both of which can make using it unappealing and very sick. The good thing is there is a simple method that you can do each month to keep it clean.

  • Fill a bucket full of hot water.
  • Place dishwasher tablet into the bucket of hot water and let it sit for ten minutes. This will allow them to dissolve completely.
  • Close the drain in the bathtub and pour the hot water and dissolved tablets into the tub.
  • Fill the rest of the tub with warm water. Turn it off when the water is right above the jets.
  • Turn the jets on and let them run for twenty minutes.
  • When you have turned the jets off you will need to drain out all of the water and clean it with a sponge or cloth. Make sure that all of the dirt if off of the jets and the interior of the tub and has been flushed down the drain.
  • Once again fill the tub up with warm water to right above the jets.
  • Let the jets run for another ten minutes.
  • Turn them off and drain the bathtub again. Make sure to rinse out any of the extra soap and dirt that you did not get the first time using a sponge or cloth.